Sound good but still a bit confused? Have a little read for a few minutes this should explain things

Is it easy for a non techie?

Yep, pretty much. Simply put, you share our website via special links we create for you and you earn a pound for each product sold via your referral link or coupon code.

So how does it all work exactly?

Ok so we use a thing called an affiliate system, Ultimate Affiliate Pro software to be precise. What this software does is allow us to automatically create codes, web banners and magic links that are unique to your account. Broadly these are called affiliate links. When sharing affiliate links over the internet our software will be able to trace it back to the original account it got shared from. This system of sharing affiliate links is very commonly used on the internet and there is a whole industry dedicated to this practice; its usually referred to as ‘affiliate marketing’ and this is essentially what you’ll be doing by partnering with us. 


Ok got it, after registration what happens?

After registration and upon your account approval we will send you an email. This email will be a nice little welcome message saying hello and informing you that you can now log in to your fundraisers dashboard. This email will also contain your own unique affiliate coupon code we create just for you. 


Coupon Codes? tell me more.

As mentioned your coupon code will be unique to you. As an example; If you register as a school named ‘Bishopston primary school’ your code will look something like ‘Bishopston01’. When ‘Bishopston01’ coupon is used at our checkout by a customer your account will be credited £1 for every item they bought. So if the customer buys 2 Hey Santa plaques, you get credited £2. Easy peasy. You’ve just got to let people know your unique coupon code and encourage them to use it!

Do you have Social media sharing links?

Well funny you should ask, yes we do, and its really really easy to use. In your fundraisers account dashboard you will have a drop down menu named ‘marketing’. By clicking the ‘affiliate links’ option in that menu you will be taken to the page displaying all the affiliate link options. Here you will find the Icons of the most popular social media platforms around today. Simply choose one, press the icon and share our link to your social media account. No extra codes are necessary because magically in the background this will automatically be linked to your fundraisers account. You will then be credited £1 per item for every Hey Santa plaque bought by customers accessing our site via your shared link. Simple and it only takes a minute or two.

How about copy and paste url links?

Yep, in the same spot as the social media links. Under affiliate links in the marketing menu you can simply copy and paste your unique url link and share it on your website or social media. If you prefer to create your own url links we even have a custom link generator built in to the page. Needless to say by this point i guess, but also earning your £1 commissions on sales.

How about web Advertising banners?

Fear not my friends we are well equipped with a selection of quality affiliate linked Hey Santa banners for you to use. These too can be found in the marketing menu under ‘Banners’ unsurprisingly. 

Show me the money!!

So you’ve shared the Hey Santa love and people have liked us and bought via your links, fantastic! Now by logging into your fundraisers account the dashboard overview will show you all the in’s and out’s of your account. Its shows your entire history of how many people you have referred to us, how much funds you have raised and how much your are owed. To get paid you must update your profile with a method to receive these commissions, Paypal is recommended and this can be set in the ‘profile’ menu under ‘payment settings’. You can request payment at anytime however we do routine payouts once a month to accounts in credit over £20. 

Is that it?

Yes pretty much. It’s beautifully simple don’t you agree? A no brainer for those who want a simple but effective way to earn some much needed funds in the run up to Christmas in our opinion. If you agree hit the sign up button, have fun and get sharing!